Rotocone Vaccum Dryer

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Rotocone vacuum dryer is a double conical vessel with an external jacket. During drying, the vessel rotates on its axis, resulting in the tumbling action of the product inside. This constant movement of the product increases the heat transfer between the heated surface and the product. Operated under vacuum, solvent recovery is carried out with a condenser and receiver. Crystalline and friable materials can be dried without size reduction.

Advantages :

Higher thermal efficiency due to tumbling action of the material to be dried, retains original products characteristic, provides a closed system ensuring no atmospheric pollution and can perform additionally as a conical blender. Applicable for all free flowing powders, granular solids, bulk drugs, starch, pigments, food products, polyester granules, pvc products, sodium sulphite, edta salts, etc.

Features :

  • Pneumatically operated butterfly valve.
  • Rotary joint of reputed make, easy to assemble and dismantle for maintenance.
  • Choppers can be provided with reputed make mechanical seals as per requirement.
  • Sintered conical filters provided in the vacuum line which are easily cleanable and removable.
  • Complete automation with regards to PLC/ MMIC and AC frequency drive for the rotation available.

Salient Features

  • Cantilever type support : for RVD upto 500Ltrs to save operating floor space.
  • Direct drive concept : No use of chain, sprocket, spur gears, belt, pulley or any other mechanical member for torque transmissions. A hollow O/P shaft helibevel gearbox (95% efficiency) is directly      inserted into the drive shaft of the RVD.
  • Extended shaft (drive side) : to facilitate c GMP condition in clean room installation.
  • Lump breakers with air/pneumatic motor (of reputed make) can be provided, thereby eliminating the maintenance prone slip ring arrangement.
  • Butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator option available by providing a rotary air seal in the drive side of the RVD.
  • Hot water system (Steam Heated) with tank and circulation arrangement available.
  • Advance PLC controls with HMI touch screen data acquisition etc
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