Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender Agitator


The Ribbon blender typically has a U-shaped through with a rotating single-shaft, double-helix agitator blades and a top cover. The center shaft is provided with verticals spike and  pirals/ribbons are welded to the spokes conforming to the shape of the through. The clearance between ribbon’s outer edge and the trough wall typically range from 3 to 5mm.

In operation, material is filled to the top of the outer ribbon’s rotation. The shaft rotates at relatively low speed and the moving ribbons push the material beck and forth, mixing it. with a center discharge, the inner ribbons move the material towards the trough ends, and outer ribbons push the material in the opposite direction towards the center discharge valve.

Mixing is achieved in 15 to 20 minutes with a 90 to 95% or better homogeneity. If so required, the high-speed choppers are operated intermittently to break down agglomerates and reduce the overall mixing time.

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