Conical Mixer cum Dryer

Conical Screw Mixer
Section view for Conical Mixer swing arm and screw assembly


Conical screw mixers (also called Nauta Mixers) make use of a conical chamber with a verticals screw that mixes the powder or substance.

Convective mixing effect :

The convective mixing effect is created by following 3 factors :

  • Axial mixing by the screw.
  • Radial mixing by shape of the cone.
  • Tangential mixing by the arm.




  • Gentle mixing of free flowing and segregative powders, pastes and liquids
  • Addition of liquids of powders by means of spray nozzle or intensifier
  • Intensive dispersion of liquids and solids by means of the intensifier
  • Granulation by moisture addition
  • Heating and cooling
  • Drying by means of heat input in combination with vacuum and possible liquid recovery
  • Chemical reactions
  • De-aeration of paste
  • Coating solids with liquids ( with intensifier)


Benefits :


  • Gentle blending action is ideal for friable or shear sensitive materials
  • One blender can be used for a wide range of Batch size, ranging from as small as 10% of the rated capacity.
  • Nearly 100% of the blended materials are discharged through the bottom valve after completion of the blend cycle
  • Use nearly 50% less power per unit being blended.
  • Less floor-space and are ideally suited to multistory facilities


Special Applications:

The conical mixer can be equipped with a high speed rotor for liquid addition or de-lumping product. Rotating up to 20m/s, this rotor creates vortex effect and injects the liquid through the paddles directly in the product resulting in an excellent dispersion or coating. By spraying the liquid in the mass itself in a vortex, we avoid over-moistening of particles and risk of sticking phenomena on the vessel. This intensifier can replace several lump breakers.

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