LIfting and Tilting Device



It is an equipment where the FBD bowl containing dried Granules are hydraulically lifted and tilted into a container, a multimill or a sifter as per the process requirements.

The process consists of bringing the FBD bowl beneath the cone of the tipper. The inverted cone of the tipper is lowered such that it touches the flange brim of the FBD bowl. Both are then clamped together with quick fixing levers. The whole assembly is then raised hydraulically to align with the receiving container / process equipment. At the discharge there will be butterfly valve.

It provides a complete dust free operation an eliminates the tedious exercise of manual scooping.

Advantages :

It provides a complete duct free operation and eliminates the tedious exercise of manual scooping.

Salient Features

  • High performance external gear pump, Rexroth / Dowty Make.
  • Load holding valve mounted on the cylinder to ensure complete safety.
  • High quality, low friction seals of imported make (Merkel / Das).
  • All components rated for a pressure of 210bar to 350bar, Systems designed for a working pressure of 100 bar.
  • Motion control valve provided for tilting operations Dansfoss Makes.

For 500 Kgs. and above capacity FBD bowl, Twin Column arrangement is provided as shown.

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