Electromechanical / Hydraulic / Pneumatic Lifter


Electomechanical Lifter


  1. Suitable for clamping drums/ cylindrical containers lifting and tilting it.
  2. The clamping arm is flexible therefore drums of different diameters can be matched into the arm.
  3. The column can be mounted with the drive on the false ceiling or the drive mounted in the top end of the column (independent of the ceiling support).
  4. Hypoxic gear box used for the lifting operation very compact and high operation.
  5. The clamping operation can be done manually with a help of a mechanical lead screw and an additional hook to ensure complete positive locking. The lead screw can be motorized to ensure locking in an auto mode to ensure that the drum/container does not get damaged due to excessive pressure goes beyond the required limit of the motor trips.


Hydraulic Lifter


  1. Cost effective as compared to standard electromechanical elevators.
  2. Reliable for lifting heavy bunkers up to 3000 Ltrs. capacity and also swiveling them through an hydraulic actuator from the top.
  3. Lifting arm so designed that it can accommodate the bunkers of different dimensions.
  4. All hydraulic components are Rexroth make; imported power packs which are very compact in size
  5. For heavier louds during lifting a hydraulic cylinder can be provided to hold the arm in the lifted position.
  6. Arm can be made telescopic based up on the customize requirement


Pneumatic Lifter


  1. Widely used for the docking of the cyclone separation of the PTS system on to the mouth of the charging machine.
  2. All the cylinders/ components are FESTO/ SMC make ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.
  3. It can be used for explosion Zone I areas as the entire activity air based.
  4. Top support for such lifters not required thus make the assembly independent of the ceiling.
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