Ointment / Cream Manufacturing

Ointment Cream Manufacturing


SAAN ENGINEERS manufactures fully automated ointment / cream manufacturing plant providing complete closed operations as required by the industries.

Working Principle :

Basic ingredients for the ointment / gel / tooth paste etc. is glycol, water and wax. The glycol in predetermined quantity is heated in the jacketed vessel and the wax in solid form in required quantity is melted in a jacketed vessel. These ingredients are subsequently transferred to manufacturing vessel where the active ingredients, minerals etc are added to make ointment/gel/cream.

Salient Features

  • Lid lifting provided with hydraulic system.
  • Contra rotary agitator for high viscosity products.
  • Integrated cleaning system for CIP & SIP.
  • Load cell on respective vessels for processing high inflammable solvent.
  • PLC based control for complete automation of process, recipe administrator and visualization.
  • The equipment is functionally safe and easy to operate
  • No manual handling
  • Thorough-washing of cake
  • Toxic and hazardous material can be processed
  • Product purity maintained.
  • Blending of product possible before discharging
  • Complete automation
  • Combination of filtration, washing, re-slurring and “drying in a fully enclosed automated unit thus reduction of capital and operation costs
  • Large quantities can be processed faster than the conventional systems
  • Agitator impeller provided with gas sweep system for 95% product discharge
  • Closed system can be designed to ensure maximum solvent collection for recovery
  • Containment solutions like Isolator can be provided at discharge nozzle for handling of product
  • Can be designed from small filtration area to large size
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