Agitated Nuetsche Filter cum Dryer

Agitated Nutsche Filter Cum Dryer


  • Agitated Nutsche Filter consists of a cylindrical Shell with a welded dished end at the top and a Flat welded end at the bottom
  • The vessel is divided into two compartments by means of a perforated plate, provided with Suitable filter cloth.
  • The base plate is having arrangement of bolting bar to hold the filter cloth, suitable support mesh is provided under filter cloth to facilitate the flow of filtrate.
  • An agitator had a unique design rigid and in ā€œSā€œ Curved shaped provided inside the vessel to perform the movements of vertical and rotational directions simultaneously, with the help of push Button/PLC based control. The system will take high torque generated during solid discharge and slurring operation.

Process Steps

  • Slurry feed
  • Filtration
  • Washing of filtered cake
  • Repeat mix or washing of the cake
  • Convection drying of the cake
  • Smoothing with compression of the Wet dried cake
  • Fully automatic discharge of the Wet or dried cake
  • Collection of mother liquor/solvent for further processing or recovery
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