Direct Vacuum Loading


The blender in this case is used as a receiving vessel. It is important to note that this method is applicable to any mixer, reactor, or vessel capable of withstanding vacuum.

In direct loading, material is conveyed to the blender and allowed to fall out of the air stream into the blender vessel. A small filter receiver is connected to the exhaust or vent port of the blender in order to eliminate carryover / dust from the blender. This filter receiver is equipped with a small compact filter which is periodically pulsed so that any residual dust on the filter is sent back to the blender.

The direct loading design ensure that all the material is conveyed directly to the blender with minimal spills or waste. Also the room height can be minimal because the filter receiver is floor mounted and portable.

Though the above system requires the receiver machine to be vaccumized, there are several benefits to the same. The rate of transfers can be as astonishingly high given the right design of the filters (surface area) and the right selection of the vacuum pump.

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