Indirect Vacuum Loading


In this case of indirect loading, the vacuum receiver in mounted directly above the blender. Material is conveyed directly from pick up hoppers, bag dump stations or cylindrical containers through a special suction lance. The material is sucked and transferred to the vacuum receiver mounted above the machine.

The receiver acts as a holding vessel, utilizing a fill / dump principle.

The advantage in this application is that the blender body (or any other receiving body) need not be vacuumized. There the above system can be implemented on existing non vacuumized machines too.

There has to be an additional height of at least 800mm above the machine which has to be charged with this system. The receiver can be mounted in a lifting and position device (ideally used so that the filter can be created and refitted) or it can be fixed on a stationary piller.

The system is ideally used for granulator, milling and sifting charging. During earlier times as the equipments were not vacuum compatible, this arrangement is ideal to incorporate the vacuum transfers in the same. The only condition being that we need to have adequate height above the machine to be charged.

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